Fast and interactive cross-browser testing.

Instant access to desktop browsers. No installs, no fuss.

Join the alpha today.

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The future of cross-browser testing
is in the browser you’re using right now.

Forget VMs, screenshot services, or dedicated testing computers. BrowserTap works by broadcasting a live RTMP stream of a browser window on a cloud server. Your keyboard and mouse commands are relayed to the server, live, allowing you to test web layouts in realtime.

Responsive Testing

Now you can test any responsive site, on any browser without leaving your browser of choice, simply by resizing your window.

Seamless UI

With BrowserTap, you'll forget you're inside of an emulator. Just use your browser as you normally would.

1-Click Testing

Jump straight into testing with one click from our browser extension or bookmarklet. No need to visit

Parallel Testing

Test multiple browser at once, with a new window or tab per test, allowing you to compare rendering engines.

Local Testing

Run a small application that allows BrowserTap to connect to your computer, forwarding localhost and file:// for testing.

Developer Tools

BrowserTap supports many developer tools and extensions for each browser, letting you see exactly what's going on with your code.

Features in Alpha: